"Song of the Cicadas" Handmade artist book

Image of "Song of the Cicadas" Handmade artist book

Series of 25 unique editions of 1/1 . Each piece uses different photos from the series “Song of the Cicadas” and one of kind antique papers and photographs. Pictured here is Book 1 with the title “Song of the Cicadas” on front. Books 2-25 will each feature a unique image from the series on the front cover and the title will be the name of the image. Back cover will be signed, dated, and numbered as part of the “Song of the Cicadas” series.

Series 1-4 are sold out

Series 5-10 are $225.00

Once you place an order, please allow 3 weeks before book is shipped

Series 11-20 are $375.00

Series 21-25 are $525.00